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Performance Coaching

Why Coaching?

Visionary leadership not only shapes profitable and productive organizations; it creates a culture with a strong sense of purpose. No one succeeds alone. Great leaders grow their teams and organizations by surrounding themselves with a support network of competent collaborators, engaged employees, respected advisors, and an effective coach. An effective coach is one who asks the questions that help leaders and their organizations to unlock the potential for greater employee satisfaction and business prospect.

My solutions-based coaching technique starts by taking a look at what is working for you, what your natural talents are, and how you can work to bring more of yourself and your strengths to help you create the life, team, or organization you have always wanted. 

Coaching with Darrah

My clients are looking to move:

From  --> feeling stretched too thin and overcommitted 

To -->  to finding a healthy work-life flow

From --> feeling frustrated by their lack of career trajectory 

To --> to learning how to leverage their strengths to achieve their goals

From --> lacking confidence (in themselves or their abilities)

To --> to successfully advocating for themselves & contributing their ideas 

Clients who love working with me:

  • Leaders at all levels (newly appointed to C-suite)
  • Engineers & Data Scientists
  • Marketing & Sales Personnel 
  • Those seeking meaningful career transitions

What you can expect:

You can expect our coaching session to be solutions-focused and infused with energy. My clients walk away from each session with action items aligned to their goals that feel do-able and that they are motivated to carry-out.

Hot topics for coaching:

  • Navigating crucial conversations/conflict
  • Developing leadership skills 
  • Seeking greater job satisfaction/career transitions
  • Self-awareness/emotional intelligence
  • Work-life flow (balance/integration)
  • Maximizing potential and fulfillment in life

Everything you need to know about coaching

Speaking and Workshop Facilitation

Mindfulness-Based Safety for Increasing Attention to Task


Did you know that habit, rather than conscious decision making can shape as much as 45% of our daily decisions? Or that studies have shown we can spend 30 – 50% of our day mind-wandering that pulls our attention away from our work tasks? 

Within this session, Darrah proposes that if we want to continue to improve the safety of our workers, that it is essential we increase our understanding of how the mind works and what it’s natural limitations are. She introduces us to Mindfulness-Based Safety and her science-based theory that: Routine Work à Habit à Auto-Pilot à Mind-Wandering à Minds Off Task à Operational and Safety Incidents. You will walk away from this session with an expanded perspective of safety management and industry applicable suggestions on how to implement attention focusing (aka mindfulness) into operations to reduce mind-wandering, decrease operational and safety incidents and increase overall productivity.

This session is inspired by Darrah’s Thesis/Capstone work in completing a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.


Influence: The Essential Skill for Increasing Your Impact


Are you a technically skilled problem solver but have difficulty getting others committed to your proposed solutions? Do you have great vision for where your team or organization can go but struggle to create alignment and get everyone rowing the boat in the same direction?

As a coach who specializes in teaching the essential skills to engineers, Darrah will share client case studies to illuminate the necessary building blocks to be an effective influencer. You will be introduced to a step by step guide to improving communication, a simple to apply practice for building better relationships, and a mindset shift around the value of empathy. Finally, Darrah will share with you an important factor in predicting your leadership effectiveness that you’ve never thought to measure which has been scientifically shown to trump influence by a factor of four! 


Your Blueprint for Building a More Resilient Team


Are you continually being asked to deliver on more scope with less resources? Wondering if there is anything you can do to prevent engagement and productivity from plummeting due to increased accountabilities and stress? 

There is an entire field of science dedicated to developing and researching tools to support you in these types of challenges you face in today’s workplace. Within this session you will be provided actionable tools you can apply immediately to create a work environment that brings out the best in your people and positively impacts the bottom line. Darrah will share research-based strategies and her own case studies on how you can bring out the best in your employees by leveraging their strengths, recrafting their roles to be a better fit, and by delivering process focused feedback. Join us in exploring the tip of the iceberg to applying science-based strategies to building a more resilient team.


Here is a short recorded example of Darrah presenting 'Mindfulness-Based Safety' at the Canadian Petroleum Safety Conference in 2017.